Whisper Cable Blowing Machine

Code: IBM100415
Bar code:  9932300000002
Manufacturer:  CBS

Whisper Cable Blowing Machine
The Whisper Micro Cable Blowing Machine is designed to install micro fiber cable into micro tubes.
The Whisper uses a user supplied variable speed drill to drive a drive roller. The roller may be changed quickly using one simple tool. The pressure the roller applies to the cable is
adjustable. A full range of accessories is available to allow the machine to handle a wide range of cables and micro tubes. The Whisper may be placed on a stand or on the optional tripod kit to bring the cable to a suitable height.
The Whisper is supplied with a reinforced soft case which will protect the machine from damage during transit and storage.
Cable Diameter: 2 - 8.5mm
Tube Size (Outside Dia): 5 - 18mm
Cable Speed (Adjustable): 0 - 90m/min
Max Air Pressure: 15 Bar
Width: 206mm
Length: 246mm
Height: 216mm
Net Weight: 5.4kg