Microfocus Toolkit for Splicing

Code: ITL103142
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Microfocus Toolkit for Splicing
Complete kit voor splicing.

Kit bevat:
ITL103013 Microfocus Fibre Optic Stripper Three hole
ITL103014 Microfocus Kevlar scissors
ITL103015 Microfocus RST Riser Slitting Tool
ITL103016 Microfocus Thin-walled Microduct Scoring Tool, 5–16 mm
ITL103017 Microfocus Thick-walled Microduct Scoring Tool, 5–16 mm
ITL103020 Microfocus FD-220 Dispensing Pump (220ml)
ITL103021 Microfocus Fiber Scraps Disposal Can
ITL103024 Microfocus Cable Saber - Armored Mid-Span Cable Slit & Ring Tool (ø4-28,6mm)
ITL103028 Microfocus High Leverage Diagonal Cutting Pliers
ITL103029 Microfocus Adjustable Wire Stripper & Cutter
ITL103030 Microfocus Window Shaving Façade Tool WST-225
ITL103031 Microfocus Fiber Optic Stripper 180µm
ITL103032 Microfocus Tool Bag Backpack
ITL103033 Microfocus Mid Span Slit and Ring Tool MS-316 (2,9-6,8mm)
ITL103034 Microfocus Mid Span Slit & Ring Tool MS-306 (1,2-3,3mm)
ICM101084 KIMTECH Kimwipes
ICM101043 One-Click Cleaner type A for use with SC/ST/FC etc
ICM101044 One-Click Cleaner type B for use with LC/MU etc
ICM101079 Isopropyl Alcohol in Kautex bottle 500 ml
ICM101847 Microfocus CleanSwabs 1,25mm
ICM101848 Microfocus CleanSwabs 2,5mm
ICM101846 Microfocus Splice and Connector Fluid (85g)
ITL103025 Microfocus Fiber connector insertion/extraction tool type LC, SC, MU & MT-RJ