Ripley ACS +, Armored Cable Slitter (ø4-28,6mm)

Code: ITL102216
Bar code:  _ITL102216_
Min. order quantity:  1
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Reference:  MB05-7000
Manufacturer:  Ripley

Armored Cable Slitter - ACS+ Professional grade tool ideal for slitting the corrugated copper, steel or aluminum armor layer on Fiber Feeder, Central Tube, Stranded Loose Tube fiber optic cables and other armored cables. Versatile design allows jacket or shield slitting on non-fiber optic cables as well. Tool slits outer polyethylene jacket and armor in one operation: - Performs longitudinal slitting and circumferential (ringing) for end stripping - Blade rotates 90 degrees by activating blade lever, allowing easy mid-span preparation (ringing and slitting) - ACS is adjustable from 4mm to 28,6mm for smaller cable O.D. options Adjustable blade depth to 5.5 mm maximum to accommodate different cable jackets. Cable guide wheel provides cable stability and allows for easier tool movement along the cable. Lightweight & glass-reinforced injection molded body has a curved “T” handle design for improved grip & leverage during longitudinal & ring cuts Specifications: Length: 127mm Weight: 284g