µGlasvezelkabel JN-SM-LRE met 24 OV (12x2) G657A1 - PROXIMUS

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JN Loose Tube Cable (24xG657A1)
The fibers, which can be identified by different colors, are placed in loose tubes made of a thermoplastic composition with a high tensile strength. With more than 12 fibers per module, a colored bundle of threads is used to group them. The tubes are completely filled with a non-toxic and dermatologically safe gel compound. The central element consists of FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic), with a layer that swells in water. Under the outer jacket are 2 aramid threads, which serve as a pull cord and provide reinforcement. Filling has been applied between the pipes and the jacket to improve the mechanical properties. The outer sheath is made of PE.

Number of fibers: 24
Type of fibers: G657A1
Number of modules: 12
Number of fibers per module : 2
Loose Tube Ø: 0,9mm
Sheath thickness: 0,5mm
Cable outer diameter: 5,6mm
Weight: 27kg/km
Tensile strength: 150N
Imprint: PROXIMUS 85802402 - 24Fib G657A1 - 15daN - DRAKA 60091668 - TC05728 - Meter