Cable SuperCat U/UTP CAT6 2x4pair (outdoor)

Code: TCB100171
Bar code:  _TCB100171_
Min. order quantity:  305
Order multiple:  305
Reference:  60010243
Manufacturer:  Prysmian

Cable SuperCat U/UTP CAT6 2x4pair (outdoor)
Category 6 cable for outdoor installations. Filled with compound to prevent water penetration.

Conductor: Solid bare copper wire Ø 0.58 mm (AWG23)
Insulation: Polyethylene, Ø 1.1 mm
Twisting: 2 cores to the pair
Cable lay up: 4 pairs to the core
Cable core filling: Waterproof compound to prevent moisture migration. To ensure electrical properties even in continuous wet conditions.
Sheath: PE, Black, UV stabilized